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Three reasons why you can earn more money in a Survival Food Home Business than in a Gold and Silver Home Business:

1. During a recession, folks that are in debt will still purchase FOOD every month.
2. Storable food can be consumed when needed or saved like gold and silver to
    protect you and your family from inflation.

3. Unlike Precious Metals, you can earn a 25% retail commission selling our food!

There are almost 50 million people now on food stamps. Genesis 47:13-26 reminds us how a lack of food can be used to enslave the masses.

Robert Kiyosaki's adviser team are storing FOOD! What are you waiting for?

"I personally, have FOOD, water, guns, gold, silver and cash"
Robert Kiyosaki

"When the credit card system stops, you're going to see a run for the super markets and the super markets only have a three day supply"
Robert Kiyosaki

"In today's market you have to take a defensive strategy"
Robert Kiyosaki's Advisor Team

"In the age of the 24 hour supermarket, food storage may seem like a crazy concept. But economic forces are converging in such a way that skyrocketing food prices no longer seem like a possibility, more and more they appear to be an impending certainty."
Glenn Beck

We have a very timely home business opportunity for people that feel the need to start protecting themselves and their families, but they can't afford to set aside part of their monthly income each month to purchase a gold or silver coin.

What's beautiful about purchasing 20 year storable food is; as food prices continue to rise, your food becomes more valuable.

Starting a Storable Emergency Food Home Business is really a no brainer, because FOOD is already a part of everyone's fixed income expenditures, where gold and silver is not. Our food can be served, saved and shared.

Check it out now and we will mail you these FREE samples...
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Many home businesses are pushing people farther into debt!

It's time to break the cycle!

Our home business is helping people become asset collectors not debt collectors!

You have just found a silver and gold coin home business that is helping thousands of people just like you become asset collectors not debt collectors!

During these tough economic times, you need to be smart about what kind of home business you choose!

Choose an opportunity where your product is a hard asset, like gold and silver coins, not a consumable!

Besides, which of these would you rather be "garage qualified" with?

Why would anyone start a home business that requires that you talk until you're blue in the face trying to explain to others why they should use their product?
When your product is US Mint Fresh Gold and Silver MS70 Coins, all you have to do is drop them into someone's hands and they will instinctively want what you have.

Finally a product that needs no explanation!
Finally a product that is a real asset!
Finally a product that will give anyone instant credibility!
Finally a product that everyone wants!
Finally a product that everyone needs!
Finally a product that you can actually spend!

Silver & Gold MS70 Coins, a Home Business Opportunity Dream Product!

Our uncapped binary compensation plan will give you unlimited silver and gold purchasing power!

"When I show people the handful of silver and gold coins that I purchased with the money that I have earned, you should see their reaction! Not only that, I'm having fun helping people become asset collectors not debt collectors. This is truly the best network marketing opportunity I have ever found"
Judi C. - Bedford, TX
Independent Coin Collector

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Our Home Business Offers
  1. Product that is GOLD and SILVER MS70 coins
  2. Product that is an asset
  3. Product that needs no explanation
  4. Replicated web-site
  5. On-line back office
  6. 1oz MS 70 Silver Eagle coins
  7. Earn from team efforts!
  8. Weekly income
  9. Non Flushing Active Member Binary
  10. Retail Commisions from coins sold on your site
  11. Residual income from monthly auto-shipped coins
  12. Coded bonuses from your personally sponsored
  13. Coded bonuses on your second level
  14. Fast start bonuses
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Our product is manufactured by the US Mint!
Why our Precious Metals Company is the best on the Internet
Our strategic partner has sold over a billion dollars worth of Gold and Silver Coins on the TV home shopping shows. This gives us HUGE wholesale purchasing power unlike any other Gold and Silver MLM on the Internet. We are able to sell our MS 70 Silver Eagles from our replicated site at a very competitive price, earning us a $20.00 commission for each coin sold. Our website and back office is state of the art because our ownership has almost 20 years of experience building network marketing software for other network marketing companies on the Internet. Because of that experience, we have one of the most aggressive network marketing compensation plans that I have ever seen. Our vertical operation gives us more control than any other Internet Home Business. This is huge when trying to keep up with an ever changing precious metals market.
Why our Silver and Gold Business is so exciting
Because you get paid not only for direct sales but indirect sales. The exciting part is 'indirect' sales. Indirect sales are sales that others make in your organization. As your organization grows you will realize more income because of the efforts of others not yourself!
Why should you start a Gold or Silver Coin Home Business
Because you are selling and earning a product that has tradeable value anywhere in the world, a product that you can turn into cash anytime, anywhere you want. Have you ever networked a product that you can turn into cash anytime you want? You take a product that you have networked in the past and without saying a word put it into a prospects left hand and then put gold and silver coins into the other hand. What hand are they going to be looking at? What product needs no explanation? Which product would bring instant credibility, just by possessing it?
Why it is easy to earn Gold & Silver Coins
If I bumped into you one day and asked, "Would you like to earn some silver coins?" What would you say? If I then showed you a handful of silver coins and told you that I didn't have to buy them that I earned them, what would you say? Wouldn't you ask, "How can I earn silver coins too?" This will be the easiest sell you ever make in internet marketing history!
Why own Gold & Silver Coins
In the early 1900's 45 ounces of silver was worth around $20.00 and could buy a nice man's suit. Today 45 ounces of silver is worth around $900.00 and can still buy a nice man's suit.
Why is it important that you get started today
Do you realize that the Government is on a spending spree that could eventually destroy the value of our dollar!

Everyone needs to wake up or get left behind!

U.S. taxpayers are now on the hook for over $10 trillion dollars!

How much is $10 trillion?

About $115,000.00 per U.S. household!

The FED's Printing Presses are set on OVERDRIVE!

The Gross National Debt

Because our dollar is nothing more than a guarantee and backed by nothing of value, the more they print the less valuable it becomes!

How will you know this is happening?

Prices for everyday goods will start rising!


How will this affect you?

Prepare yourself by watching this short revealing video now!

Mike Maloney & Robert Kiyosaki - Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Did you know that over 90% of all silver that's been mined in the past 5,000 years has already been used by industry? Most Americans don't realize how important silver is to industry and how strong the demand is. Nor do they know that the US government, which had over 3 billion ounces of silver in 1942, ran out of silver several years ago. Here we have a situation where demand is increasing at a rapid rate while stockpiles are going down! The amount of silver being used is phenomenal in the production of computers, monitors, cell phones, lasers, satellites, high tech weaponry, robotics, digital technology, TVs, washing machines, wall switches, refrigerators and photography film. World silver inventories are at their lowest point in 200 years. Yet the demand for silver is greater than ever!

There is no other Internet Home Business Product that can compete with GOLD & SILVER!


After purchasing a starter kit you are placed in a non-flushing binary rewards calculator. When you have sponsored a paid active autoship customer on both your left team and right team, you will have accumulated 60 points left and 60 points right. As your team grows, you will earn $30.00 cycle pay every time 300 points accumulate on your left and right team.
See what could happen if two get two that get two and so on?

possible downline

From this point on, you will earn $30.00 every time five coins are purchased or auto shipped by anyone on your left team and right team!

There is HUGE residual income potential in this binary comp plan...


... and there is much more!

Coded Bonuses
Retail Commissions
Matching Bonuses
Fast Start Bonuses
Five Star Bonus Pool

This is a very exciting easy and powerful program with a compensaton plan that can make you RICH!

See what Robert Kiyosaki says about this business model!

When you purchase your Starter Kit, along with your kit, you will receive you first 1oz freshly minted MS 70 Graded Silver Coin!

numis coins

IMPORTANT: One of the keys to your success is how quickly you see the light and get started!

If you procrastinate, others that find this website and join will get in above you and not below you!

This information was created and displayed by an Independent Sales Representative of a Gold and Silver Network Marketing company for the purpose of marketing this opportunity. This company does not make any endorsements or claims to the factual content of this site.

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